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Our Class Types


Vinyasa & Slow Flow Yoga

Fusion of yoga and pilates. Perfect midday break from sitting. Grab a cushion and roll out the mat for a release through movement.

A series of salutations and flows designed to energise and release. Wednesday's class has more inversions and balances. Monday (Online only) and Saturday classes are a slow flow vinyasa.

Stretch & Flow

An hour of deep stretching and flows with movement  - a fusion of yoga and advanced stretching with a bit of free flows thrown in. Includes mindfulness at start of each session.

Ballet Barre

Think Pilates crossed with Ballet crossed with strength!

This 60 minute class will have you feeling strong, lean and light as a dancer by the end. Suitable for all levels. Equipment: own mat when outdoors.

Mat Pilates

Quickie Glutes & Core

Pilates helps strengthen the back and core, and recover from and prevent injuries. Safely working pretty much every muscle in the body! Our Pilates classes are suitable for all levels. 

All about the bands and balance for a tighter middle and behind! 30 mins of intense focus on all parts of the glutes, quads and abdominals. Equipment required: own mat and small loop resistance bands. 

Kettlebell Full Body 

A 45 minute workout using DB/KB or cans or water bottles. Working with supersets, this class is designed to burn fat and develop muscle.

Yin Yang Yoga

A blend of the energy from the yang with dynamic sequences and the calm from the yang bringing static poses. New class - not to be missed.

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