A wellbeing community to coach, connect and engage us all.

A space for collective calm and togetherness during these uncertain times.

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Bringing you a daily dose of wellbeing

Like all of us, the team at The Hour is facing the unrelenting changes in our routines, interactions, work and way of life. As the founder of The Hour, I have employed freelance coaches and teachers for both consumer and corporate work over the past year or so. In a bid, to support other coaches and to keep our businesses going, I paused, reflected and put heads together with other coaches to see what we could do to in these unprecedented times.


It's clear that we as a society need to come together in new ways, we need to pool resource, expertise and socially connect when we have to be physically distant.

Jazz - Founder, The Hour

Well-unity is a newly formed wellbeing community to guide us through these uncertain times. Each day, our community friends will receive guided talks, coaching, mindfulness, tips, discussions, and a place to connect and engage.

What Well-unity provides

We combine coaching, guidance and discussion to nurture each of the 5 areas below.

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A space for collective calm and togetherness
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Bringing moments of daily guided collective pause. Stress & anxiety workshops and talks. Learning to shift our mindsets to adjust to our new norms and reduce anxiety and sense of being overwhelmed..



Movement is medicine. It's vital that we keep moving despite our environment. Join us daily for bite-sized morning mobility videos. Our guest teachers specialise in working-from -home posture needs and we have weekly movement challenges for all levels.



Our emotional reactions can be erratic and bring a sense of loss of control. Our panel discussions and Q&As will help to manage emotions and reactions. Sessions to explore feelings and emotional turbulence.

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A place to actively participate and engage in: classes, cook-alongs, art sessions and much more. Engagement for enrichment.



Well-unity is a platform to engage in and contribute to wellbeing

discussions. In addition, we'll have our weekly social (for those of you familiar with houseparty!). No-one need be socially distant despite the need for physical distant. 

Well-unity monthly membership

Well-unity is completely FREE to all NHS workers and always will be.

If you're self-employed/freelance or made redundant in Feb/March, please get in touch for a discount.

Daily live content

  • Daily morning guided mobility flow 5-10 minutes

  • 15 minute guided mindfulness every evening

  • On-demand audio meditations 

  • Well-unity ritual of the day

Weekly wellbeing engagement

  • Weekly workouts from pilates, to yoga, to cardio 

  • Weekly cook-along

  • Member wellbeing challenges from squats to mindful living

  • Well-unity weekly mindful planner

  • Guest talks: financial planning, anxiety reduction, and more

  • Friday night well-unity virtual social

Monthly workshops

  • 2 workshops a month discussing mental health best practice, mindset shifts, physical wellbeing and more.

  • Workshops are interactive and engage members in real-time

  • Well-unity book-club

Join us

Well-unity is an online member community via our own private forum. No need for a facebook/instagram account. All our sessions are delivered online. And when we, as a society have healed, we'll be throwing a huge wellbeing gathering with plenty of hugs!


If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing: hello@thehour.io