8 week

Winter wellbeing programme

Mind, body, nutrition and sleep

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Why do the 8 Week Winter Wellbeing Programme?

The end and beginnings of a year are typically times of reflection and desire to change. More people undertake diets to lose weight and make resolutions to stress less and live a healthier life at this time of year. But the average resolution lasts just 12 days.


Our wellbeing programme is designed to provide the support, accountability and expertise to form lasting habits for improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - so you're not back to square one this time next year.

Hear from previous programme participants

“I loved doing the programme.  The nutritional side really taught me how to manage a balanced diet with a busy schedule and the workouts steadily progressed and the variety meant I kept it up. A year later, I still use much of what I learnt during the programme .”

— Alice, North Greenwich

“Developing a mindfulness habit was made so easy with the mix of regular sessions, the stress workshop and the audio guides.

It helped during a difficult period, and I'm regularly using mindfulness to help me during my commute and at work. The combination of mind and body of this programme really played a part in it working for me. And of course the support from the group.

— Tati, Greenwich

About the programme

​   Mental wellbeing

  • Mindset change session

  • Guest talk from a life coach

  • Stress management workshop

  • Weekly mindfulness sessions

  • Guided audio mindfulness sessions to practice any time

  • Wellbeing book-club between coaches and participants

       Physical wellbeing​

  • 4 weekly live workouts at our studio

  • 1 weekly pilates or yoga session at our studio

  • Video workouts for when you can't make a studio session

  • 3 dedicated and experienced coaches

  • Tailored progression with mix of resistance and strength-based workouts

  • Optional Run Club 


  • Educational nutritional workshop

  • Optional meal prep demo in your home

  • Food diary tracking and feedback

  • Meal plans from our nutritionist designed to meet your goals


  • Sleep workshop - why sleep is the key to your wellbeing

  • Learn to form pre-bed habits that support improved sleep

  • Mindfulness for sleep practice and audio

What you need to know

Start Date

Programme launches January 5th - start anytime in January.

The programme lasts 8 calendar weeks from when you sign up.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is open to anyone over the age of 18.

You must be cleared for physical exercise by your GP.

Not suitable for pregnant women. 

Suitable for post natal women - 12 weeks post birth with medical clearance.


£220 per 4 weeks

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